Your Choice: Share Of Voice Or Share Of Choice?

Andrew Susman, president of Studio One Networks may actually be the godfather of content marketing. He certainly was a pioneer, launching Studio One in the nascent days of the Internet, even before a lot of brands realized they would need content to market to an army of users. During a “Can Content Really Drive Sales?” panel discussion at the Content Marketing Insider Summit on Kiawah Island, Susman shared a keen insight about the role of content in, well, shares. No, not the social-sharing kind of shares, the share of a market kind.

Instead of thinking about brand content as a “share o voice” play, the way brands have historically done it, to “share of choice.”

The reasons, he said, was that consumers simply have too much choice available to them. (Remember 360i’s Sarah Hofstetter’s keynote yesterday, during which she pointed out that there are 27 million-plus pieces of content created everyday online?)
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