Race-To-Buy-In: How Is $1,300 Per Impression, Is That Enough Yield For You?

Jason Fairchild, co-founder of OpenX, knows how to get the attention of traders on either side of the supply/sell table: Cite some irrefutable data on the logic of creating a unified marketplace of digital supply and demand that will create the greatest value for both sides. Specifically, he cited a startling pricing data point: $1,300. That was what a trader bid through OpenX’s RTB exchange for an impression on a publisher’s site, which compared with a $10 yield the publisher would have gotten by selling it direct.

Fairchild didn’t say what the publisher did in that situation, but it is a powerful example of what publishers need to integrate their demand channels -- their own guaranteed direct sales, ad networks, RTB, etc. -- because sometimes the greatest yield isn’t where you think it is.
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