'I'm bored': Parents Spend More On Kids This Summer

The cost of keeping the kids amused this summer is going up: A new study from American Express finds that parents are spending $958 per child this school vacation, up 12% from last year, and up 59% from 2012. 

Day trips remain the most popular activity for families, with 77% of those with kids under 18 planning at least one such outing, an 8% increase from last year. (They intend to spend an average of $292 on these adventures.) And 48% have kids participating on sports teams, a 9% increase. (That costs an average of $187.)  

About 41% have ponied up for either a pool or club membership, up 14%. (That one costs $132.) Some 37% have enrolled their kids in an education or arts program. And there’s always camp, either day camp (used by 34% of participants) or sleep-away (chosen by 25%). Those cost an average of $273 and $234, respectively.



And while 98% of the survey, based on an online sample of 1,253 adults, say they are assigning kids chores this summer, fewer parents of teens expect them to pursue a summer job (30% vs. 35% in 2013).

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America are hoping to be part of that summer fun, and provide plenty of action with its “Million Minutes in Motion.” The mobile tour, which combines hula-hoops, sack races, jump ropes and obstacle courses, is heading to 20 cities around the country, with a goal of logging one million minutes of exercise with kids this summer. Corporate partners include Coca-Cola and WellPoint Foundation.

Separately, the organization says it will partner with Mattel for a new toy and game program called “Share the Play.” For every online order placed at its online toy stores, Mattel plans to donate a toy to BGCA, distributing a minimum of 200,000 and up to 250,000 toys to the organization’s 4,100 Clubs, through the remainder of the year. Since last year, Mattel has donated more than $1 million to BGCA.

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  1. Terry Kennedy from ibodyWALK, July 14, 2014 at 10:51 a.m.

    Anything geared to moving the body in fun, free spirited ways using long term products/activities/trends that all lead to less time moving eyeballs from a state of motionlessness is not only paramount, it is simply a life extender. Should have no arguments there ;)...

    Motion and and Healthy Stimulus Activity will compete with THE DEVISE... I will share in a brief story that occurred only a few moments ago, and in fact has occurred several times in the past day.

    ---- Just this weekend in Palm Coast while working on business with editing content and images for the next health and fitness trend ( ibodyWALK ) my daughter decided to bring a friend... Not a problem until I saw that her friend could not detach from herself from the DEVISE ( android ) for even a moment. Not a term of endearment --- especially when human contact and conversation focused on who your with in that moment always should prevail. Disrespectful no doubt. Total disengaged from conversation in the same 10 foot square area.

    While my daughter loves activity (plays all sports, gives new things a try), loves quite time, loves creative time, loves family and friends, loves serving, and yes loves time communicating with the countless friends through her own mobile communicators ( she has the Pad & the Phone ).

    I suppose in my work if we continue to take the time stealer(s) as stand alone(s) add the network of connections/communities that move in an activity(s) that has a purpose that leads to increased physical and emotional movement - I AM ALL IN... and as the article expresses it is good to see organization in the GAME AS WELL.

    Accolades to all that can add to a healthier life of better balance ;)

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