Three Reasons Why Surveys Should Be Part Of Your Content Marketing Strategy

If you’re a content marketer and you haven’t conducted a survey with your prospects or customers yet, you’re missing out. Here are three reasons why content marketers should incorporate surveys into their overall strategy.

Surveys prevent content marketers from living in a bubble. As content marketers, we embrace the idea of storytelling in everything we do. A great story is the way we pull our audiences in, and hopefully get them to keep listening and connect with our brands. The only problem is, our well-intentioned stories can sometimes become tall tales if we’re not careful. If we embellish too much on the awesomeness of our product or service, we begin to live in a bubble, out of touch with what our audiences want — and need — to hear.  Surveys are a great reality check. Want to know what topics or themes will resonate best with your audiences? Create a survey and just ask them.



Conducting a great survey helps promote your company as a thought leader. We all need data to help support the content we create. By running your own survey and compiling key insights on a compelling topic, your organization becomes a go-to resource for data that other brands will use in their own content marketing. This elevates your brand as a true thought leader in your space, and lets the data you’ve collected — and your brand name — live on in a variety of different ways.

Great data is the content marketing gift that keeps on giving. Once you run a survey on a specific topic, that data you collect is only the beginning of a long list of great content marketing opportunities. Start out by creating a research report that comprehensively explains all the data and why it matters in your industry. Follow that up with an informative infographic that visually presents the data in a unique and engaging way. Select a few of the key insights you’ve gleaned and create a SlideShare deck that will go viral. And finally, frame an entire series of blog posts around the different questions and results you obtained in the survey. The possibilities are endless.

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