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Jennifer Agustin

Member since October 2013Contact Jennifer

  • Senior Director of Marketing Bizo
  • Twitter: @leadjen
  • Daly City California
  • 94014 USA

Jen is the senior director of marketing at Bizo, which specializes in business audience marketing. She focuses on content and product marketing, social media strategy and development, and also helps the company manage its own display advertising efforts.

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  • Three Reasons Why Surveys Should Be Part Of Your Content Marketing Strategy  in Content Marketing Insider on 07/17/2014

    If you're a content marketer and you haven't conducted a survey with your prospects or customers yet, you're missing out. Here are three reasons why content marketers should incorporate surveys into their overall strategy.

  • Why (And How) To Use Content Marketing To Talk To Customers in Content Marketing Insider on 05/30/2014

    With customer marketing, we have the unique opportunity to further engage people who are already loyal fans of our product or service. And yet, more often than not, customer-marketing efforts get pushed to the sidelines in the never-ending quest for new prospects. Your customers deserve to be treated to content marketing designed expressly for them. Here's how to accomplish this:

  • Establishing Your Company's Voice Through Content Marketing in Content Marketing Insider on 05/02/2014

    Whether you're creating your next eBook, infographic, or customer testimonial video, your content marketing should always be an expression of who your company is at its core. Here are four ways to establish your company's voice, and ensure that it gets a chance to shine in every way you communicate:

  • Three (Quick) Tips To Creating Better Content, Faster in Content Marketing Insider on 04/04/2014

    It can be a hard, time-consuming process to create great content. Or, with a well-thought out strategy, it can also be fun, fast, and gratifying. Here are three quick tips to help you write, repurpose, and repackage content that engages your prospects without taking you all day to do it.

  • The Three-Martini Lunch Is Back -- And It's Called Content Marketing in Content Marketing Insider on 03/07/2014

    Decades ago, the "three-martini lunch" was famous (or infamous depending on your viewpoint) for the pure luxury of time (and liquor) it offered business executives during the middle of the day. For the advertising industry, this lunch gave the Don Drapers of the world the opportunity to sell prospective customers and clients on how their marketing ideas would change their businesses forever. Fast-forward to today, and this cocktail-laden lunch just isn't an option for most business professionals. What we do have today, however, is content marketing, which is arguably more effective than any martini at getting a prospective customer to say "yes" to your product or service. Here's how to apply the ideas behind the three-martini lunch to make your content marketing simply intoxicating to prospects (minus that awful hangover):

  • Content Marketers: It's OK to Talk About Your Product in Content Marketing Insider on 02/07/2014

    I could never be in sales. It's not that I don't like to "sell" in my writing -- in fact, I think as content marketers, we all, to some extent, channel our inner salespeople. But as marketers, we're allowed to do so in a much more indirect way, introducing the context within which someone might want to purchase our product or service rather than saying overtly, "Here's my product and have I got a deal for you." But in some cases, being subtle in our content marketing may also be doing us a disservice.

  • How to Grow A Content Marketing Team In 2014  in Content Marketing Insider on 01/14/2014

    Now that marketing has become a truly revenue and data-driven discipline, we marketers can rejoice in the fact that we're able to make a tangible impact on our businesses. But this also means that we're accountable for hitting revenue targets that are, in most cases, going to be exponentially larger this year than they were last year. Thankfully, we no longer need to sell our organizations on the value of content in meeting these goals, especially in B2B. Content in all its forms has demonstrated its value along the entire marketing funnel. However, the idea of a content marketing "department" might be a fairly new concept for many organizations. So how can you go about hiring effectively for this group?

  • Recognizing The Business Value Of Great Storytelling in Content Marketing Insider on 11/26/2013

    It used to be that choosing a college major in any "content-related" discipline was the equivalent of an employment death sentence. English, philosophy, history, you name it -- merely mentioning the possibility of focusing on any of these areas would make even the most well-intentioned parent of the '80s and '90s cringe, sigh, and cross their fingers in the hopes that their children would, above all else, not move back home at the end of it all. Fast-forward to today. As I write this, a quick search for "content marketing jobs" yields 160 pages (not positions, but pages) of results on and 27,532 actual positions on

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  • Recognizing The Business Value Of Great Storytelling by Jen Agustin (Content Marketing Insider on 11/26/2013)

    Thanks for your comment, Doug. While the risk of stories fizzling out over time has always existed, I do believe that today's marketers are at an advantage. Given rapidly evolving marketing technologies, marketers are able to capture deep insight into who their audiences are and what ideas resonate with them best -- two factors that I think will impact the longevity of the stories we tell.

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