Establishing Your Company's Voice Through Content Marketing

Whether you’re creating your next eBook, infographic, or customer testimonial video, your content marketing should always be an expression of who your company is at its core.

Here are four ways to establish your company’s voice, and ensure that it gets a chance to shine in every way you communicate.

1. Let culture be your guide. Take a look around you. If your company’s culture is a strong one, you’ll likely find some strong commonalities among you and your co-workers, for example in work ethics and sense of humor. Take this feeling and use it to infuse your approach to the way your website copy reads, the tone of your email communications, and even the design of your presentation templates.

2. Express your brand’s voice beyond the words you use. Words are only one way to express the unique quality of your company’s voice.  Choosing innovative ways to present seemingly mundane topics will set your brand apart. For example, marketing technology company Hubspot earned accolades from prospects, customers, and the press for its humorous video  about unsubscribing from its marketing emails.



3. Give employees the opportunity to speak for themselves. One of the best ways to establish and communicate a voice that is a true representation of your company is by letting employees grab the microphone once in a while. Not only does this send a message internally that your employees are your most valuable assets, but it also helps give the world (read: potential candidates, media, and even investors) an inside look at why your company rocks. Your corporate blog can be a great vehicle for showcasing employees on a regular basis.

4. Hire a “managing editor” to ensure consistency. I put “managing editor” in quotes because for many smaller companies, it may not be realistic to actually hire someone for this specific role. However, it can be just as helpful to have someone on your content team be responsible for the consistency of your company’s voice across your website, blog, webinars, and any other vehicle through which you communicate your messaging.

Identifying and communicating a consistent voice for your company can be challenging, but is well worth the effort. Your employees — as well as your prospects, customers, and other stakeholders — will have a greater sense of who you are and an invaluable level of confidence in the products or services you have to offer.
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