Publisher's brand value: The effect on potential advertisers?

In presenting research at OMMA Premium Display, a Millward Brown Digital study said a brand's value vis a vis its web area offers specific opportunities for marketers.

Among other factors, Millward Brown Digital looked relevance, engagement, depth, personality, as well as “visit catalyst” value, that is, how users got to a site -- for example from a search engine or going to a site directly.

The study also looked at distinct brand comparisons of specific categories. One example focused on two sports sites -- ESPN, a well known sports media platform, and Yardbarker, a niche player in the space (owned by Fox Sports Digital), which among other things allows sports fans the ability to discuss sports with other fans.

Words to describe Yardbarker -- ‘fun’, ‘different’, ‘adventurous’, and ‘rebellious.  The big ESPN site words include: ‘Trustworthy’, ‘straightforward’, and ‘friendly.’ From this analysis, Millward says marketers can -- among other factors -- more easily associate themselves with the values of one site versus another.

Some of its other conclusions:

-- Strong publisher brands have a positive halo-effect on advertising.
-- Those publishers attract and engage distinct audiences that are valuable to the right advertisers.  
-- Distinct publisher personalities offer an opportunity to leverage branding synergies between advertiser and publisher.

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