What's The Most Optimal Ad Format On Your Fridge?

If you think the issues associated with developing -- and optimizing -- creative advertising formats or mobile is challenging, think about the implications or a jacuzzi. Okay so you don’t really think about advertising on jacuzzis, but you will, according to Lizzie Widhelm.

Not surprisingly, Widhelm is involved with a medium that distributes via jacuzzis -- and refrigerators and washing machines, and, well, almost anything.

“I just love that everyone is going to struggle with the Internet of things,” Widhelm, who as vice president-digital at Pandora, heads up the audio programming service’s ad strategy, said during OMMA Display’s “Radio Revenge” panel.

Pandora is already experiencing that challenge, Widhelm acknowledged, noting that it’s not that easy thinking up compelling formats or advertising on, well, everyday things.

“How are you going to monetize that,” she asked, adding, if people find optimizing ad formats for mobile challenging, “What about a refrigerator, what about a jacuzzi?”

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