Marketing Intelligence Outsourcing: 'The Good News Is We Don't Own The Data, The Bad News Is We Don't Own The Data'

That’s pretty much how Digitaria Manager of Analytics Kate Bartkiewicz summed up the state of the art of audience targeting right now.

“We now have the opportunity to act on data that we do not own,” she said, adding that while here clients have historically had a “strong CRM mentality” and collected “everything we can get on everyone,” agencies and advertisers can now do that without actually needing to own the data they need to act on.

“The part that makes me a little nervous is that we don’t own any of the data we are acting on.

We are outsourcing marketing intelligence,” she said during OMMA Audience Targeting’s opening “buyer’s” panel.

“The thing about digital that is so fascinating is that you can act on data about what people are actually doing,” she concluded, adding that despite that, the industry needs to go even further: “Even with all this technology, we’re just starting to get good at things like multipoint attribution.”
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