Thai-ing Emotion To Branded Video

Dtac, a Thai mobile phone company, saw its “Power of Love” video go viral this past month. The premise for the video was simple: for all the whiz-bang tech capabilities that phones deliver, sometimes basic human love is what is needed to appease a crying baby. The set-up is entirely relatable across cultures, where one parent may not know what to do with a crying baby and desperately seeks out their partner to help. The closer, “technology will never replace love,” once again shows the power that effectively capturing emotion can have to propel branded video to go viral.

The video debuted on June 30, and has so far garnered 13.2 million views, 1,300 comments, 3,600 tweets and 342,000 Facebook interactions. It is the latest example of Thai-branded video campaigns that have excelled in the North American market.

Last year, TrueMove H, the third largest telecom company in Thailand, hit the mark with its “Giving” video, which tugged at heartstrings with its generational message of compassion. The idea behind the campaign was that doing the right thing has a ripple effect that may not reverberate back for years, or decades, but does eventually. And the ripple effect of this viral video saw “Giving” garner 21 million views to date.



Thai Life Insurance’s “Unsung Hero” hits the company’s message – “Believe in Good “--right where it counts: the virals. It has been viewed 17.3 million times.

These three Thai campaigns showcase common emotions that span across cultures -- loss, heartbreak, gratitude and love -- and tell great stories without feeling overproduced or like thinly veiled marketing. The brands are smart to stay behind the camera and put the spotlight on the characters and stories that spur the emotional response that makes them memorable and spark discussion. 

Emotion drives engagement. Authenticity drives trust. Together, they make great storytelling that people will talk about and share with friends, no matter where they live around the globe.

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  1. Sandra Pickering from opento, July 27, 2014 at 3:51 a.m.

    Thanks for this
    Very good examples of using brand archetypes to connect emotionally.

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