Next in Cross-Screen Marketing: Attribution, Please

Marketers are keen to move deeper into cross-channel marketing, but they also want more from their campaigns. Namely, they want to better understand the impact of each medium and the path to purchase, according to a report from eMarketer drawing on a survey by the National Advertisers and  Forrester Consulting of U.S advertisers. The report also stated that cross-device marketing is the topic that marketers are most eager to learn more about this year.

Many marketers are already investing plenty of dollars in multi-screen campaigns as they follow consumer behavior, but now they want to better quantify the results. The current rush to develop content marketing campaigns is also driving the desire for better measurement, the report found.

“Marketers risk missing consumers for broad chunks of time if they cannot push content to a digital device,” the report said. “eMarketer estimates that for 2014, those with access to the mobile  internet will spend, on average, 2 hours 14 minutes on a  smartphone, 2 hours 43 minutes on a tablet, and 2 hours 39 minutes on a desktop."

Better cross-screen measurement can illuminate which aspects of a campaign work best and whether brands are effectively moving consumers through the “customer journey.”

Nielsen agency solutions EVP David Hohman said in an interview with Beet.TV  that one of the big areas for marketing this year lies in attribution. Brands want to analyze the impact of a campaign across screens and measure on which device they’re connecting with their audiences and driving the desired reaction, he has said.

That sort of measurement can help marketers deliver the right message on the right device, since screens can be effective in different ways. Some are better at awareness, some at intent and some at purchase.

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  1. David Kissel from InStadium, August 29, 2014 at 10:45 a.m.

    Thank you, Daisy, for the timely post; more than ever, the clients and agencies we're talking to want accountability for each element of the media mix. However, accurately isolating and quantifying the impact, and ROI, of each vehicle requires new thinking and approaches. We are eager for the day when the CPM is no longer the industry's primary metric. Rather, we look forward to a metric that fairly quantifies the value each individual media vehicle provides. In our view, the only metric that matters is one that measures how effectively and efficiently that media vehicle moves a consumer toward purchase.

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