Why Media People LOVE September

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” That line from a popular holiday song is actually just as applicable in September as it is in December.  Why? Because September through October represents possibly the greatest single stretch of the year for the media world!

For many people, September signals the end of summer.  That is of course, very sad, but it also signals a rebirth in the media world.  The next 60-90 days are huge:


Probably of most importance, fall is the launch of the new television season and the return of our favorite heroes and antiheroes.  It’s when bets made by advertisers during the upfront come to fruition, and we witness the real winners and losers.  The fall schedule creates water-cooler conversations and a massive amount of Internet buzz around “what happened” and “what might happen.” Stars are born, others flame out, and the media world gets itself into a tizzy just thinking about it.



Back To School

Running right alongside the TV season is the emergence of back-to-school advertising and the big push for holiday shopping (plus a few more quiet hours in the house when the kids are finally back in school).  For the next two months, you’ll see fresh ads for all the things you and your kids need to make your lives whole for the next 12 months. The ads in the second half of the year are typically some of the best -- whether for clothes, toys, household items or that brand new car you’ve been wanting, It all leads up to the shopping season in November and December and the quarter that can make or break a retailer’s year.  Speaking of things you have to have…

The New Apple Products

The entire electronics  world (and retail, for that matter) will be focused on San Francisco next week, when Apple rolls out the new iPhone, new iOS and potentially its new health gadget (though not the iWatch, most likely).  New Apple gadgets have a way of dominating the airwaves and creating throngs of enthusiasts waiting in lines to buy (myself included).  Coupled with the accessories world that pops up around these gadgets, you can see the impact that any Apple announcement can have.

The Golden Era Of Sports

Fall is by far the greatest time for sports.  The boys of summer march towards the post-season, where legends are made and rivalries renewed with vigor.  The NFL season kicks off and everyone’s favorite team has a chance.  Fantasy Football becomes part of the daily experience and every Sunday is a holiday.  College football is at the peak of excitement and even college basketball is on the near horizon, which gets alumni doubly excited. 

While I love summer more than any other season, the fall is a special one as well.  The smell of winter is in the air and all of these media events are exciting for me, as someone raised in a media-centric world. 

So cheers to everyone in the media business. Here’s lookin’ at you, kid!

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