PepsiCo's Farfan: Building Community Doesn't Require Deep Pockets

Speaking at the OMMA Premium Display conference, Javier Farfan, Head of Music, Entertainment, and Culture Marketing, at PepsiCo, suggested a brand doesn’t necessarily require the vast resources of the beverage giant to build their presence online. He said the process goes back to the fundamentals of storytelling, creativity and creating a community through social media and other tools. Creating a community depends on having a specific point of view carried out through messaging. “That’s how you create a brand,” said Farfan. Keep in mind that Coca-Cola's presence on Facebook was initially started by a pair of devoted fans and has since grown to almost 89 million.

Asked about performance metrics PepsiCo uses, he pointed to brand health monitors the company tracks quarterly, how much product the it’s selling, and engagement among the core base of fans on social platforms. For more experimental media executions, the focus is on learning rather than tracking results closely.

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