Brands and video content - for long term

Brands always want to create, and be associated with, engaging digital video and other content. But a key question is: How long can you last?

“How are you going to produce all this content throughout a year?” asks Al Cadena, senior account director and digital strategist for Beeby Clark + Meyler, in speaking at OMMA Premium Display in New York. “That is one of the biggest challenges”. The process can be a long one, and hurdles abound especially when clients have limited budgets and the content has to run in step with strategic business objectives. This also includes continuing measurment of those content efforts.

“It can be real costly,” he said.

Nathan Brown, general manager of video and TV for Complex Media, who has Pepsi as a client, says though it does takes a lot of investment capital it’s healthy to create an "ecosystem where things can be tested and thrive.”

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