ay oodbye o ello

That's what social media panel moderator Cathy Taylor seemed to imply Tuesday during OMMA Premium Display in New York. Taylor, a contributing editor of MediaPost's who pens the Social Media Insider, was talking about ello, of course -- the new, out-of-the-box social network with the unique positioning of being the "anti ad social network."
By that, we mean, ello is premised on being a social network that doesn't carry advertising, and implicitly is a social network for people sick-and-tired of being advertised to on social networks (and maybe other media too).
It was the ad industry and social media circles cause celeb last week, but as Taylor noted during a portion of her panel discussion that dealt with emerging and new social networks, ello is so last week.
"It was a great three or four days," Taylor quipped, adding, "You had to be there."
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  1. Jonathan McEwan from MediaPost, September 30, 2014 at 5:31 p.m.

    I don't know what ello's future may hold, but from my perspective they gained hugely from a perceived anti-gay crackdown Facebook was engaged in over the last two weeks. Ello was embraced and championed across the gay Facebook-o-sphere, prompting more than one gay blog to trumpet "The Great Gay Facebook Exodus Has Begun." As long as Ello can figure out how to capitalize and monetize the disenfranchised masses, they'll be ok. But that, as they say, remains to be seen. They're anti-ad stance is, unfortunately for them, not what brought the surge in membership.

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