'Breaking' News: Fox's Rimshot Research (Tip: Feel Free To Fast-Forward Through It)

The art of Madison Avenue got off on a skeptical note this morning at OMMA Chicago, where MediaPost is hosting a two-day event on the art, then the science, of advertising. Opening panel moderator Bob Haukoos, president and founder of, began with a “breaking” advertising news story, which made this trade editor sweat bullets that we had missed something big.

He proceeded to “report” on news that Fox had announced it decided to pull out of airing the ad industry’s Clio awards in prime-time this year, because of some research the venerable Fox research team did, which concluded, “everyone would fast-forward through the entire show.”

In case you were busy fast-forwarding and missed the punchline, the Clios are awards about advertising, including a lot of TV commercials, which you know, get fast-forwarded a lot of the time.
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