Twitter Considers Taking Shots

Twitter is currently in negotiations to buy Shots, a social network that consists entirely of selfies, which was backed, appropriately enough, by noted narcissist Justin Bieber. According to MSNBC, the potential deal was the subject of Twitter chief financial officer’s embarrassing public tweet advocating the acquisition of another company (which highlighted some of Twitter’s user interface shortcomings).

The Shots network was originally called “Shots of Me” when it was launched back in November 2013 by a San Francisco mobile gaming company, RockLive, with financial support from His Bieberness and other investors, including Floyd Mayweather and Tom McInerney, a well-known angel investor. The pop idol invested $1.1 million, or a bit less than half the total $2.7 million invested in the network.

Since then the selfie network has attracted over three million users, MSNBC reports, the majority women under the age of 24. To prevent bullying the social network only allows users to post photos of themselves, and there is no function for leaving comments or posting public messages.

Shots co-founder and CEO John Shahidi told the Los Angeles Times that 41% of Shots users visit the network every day. Meanwhile Bieber has been putting his considerable promotional weight behind the new service by using it to send pictures to his 53 million Twitter followers.

If the deal goes through it would provide further evidence that Bieber, in addition to stirring teenage girls to hormonal frenzy, is a pretty savvy businessman as well. Earlier this week Forbes recognized the 20-year-old entertainer as the highest-paid celebrity under the age of 30, with earnings of $80 million this year alone (before taxes and management fees).

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