Hacking Entertainment Data In A Delicate Media World

We know what effect the stolen data has had on Sony Entertainment -- at least from a business/marketing perspective.

It’s not just what was said among emails and other pieces of information pulled from Sony Entertainment, it’s the loss of trust among producers, directors, and talent -- as well as the leaking of info about media campaigns -- that could dramatically shift business.

Seems Sony tried to encourage other studios to offer up their condemnation of the press that printed “stolen information.” So far competing studios have remained mum.

Will this change the way films are marketed? If the inside secrets of film media campaigns and publicity have been compromised, perhaps Sony will have to think up new promotion tactics.

Right now Sony’s lawyer, the noted David Boies, is warning the press that when it prints hacked information it is “stolen information,” and the press is seemingly an accomplice.  Sony might even go to court about this.



But does Sony really want to carry forward this plan against the entertainment business press -- publications that have long been part of the film marketing process?

Historically, entertainment business relationships can be mended -- especially when there’s money to be made. Still, we all know that in the digital age, not everybody returns to the same levels of interaction post-scandal.

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