PR Planning For The New Year

In January 2011, I ran my first half marathon. Six months prior to my marathon run, I would have never thought 13.1 miles were even possible; after all, I was only logging in three miles per run and barely making it out onto the track more than two days a week. Yet, my group of friends pushed me toward the literal finish line. It started with a strategy — a strategy for adding every single mile to my weekly runs in an effort to accomplish the overall goal (which I did — blisters and all).

Had my strategy been short-sighted, I would never have made it to the end, which is exactly what happens when we think of our PR plans as more of a sprint instead of a marathon. PR is not just for new business start-ups or product launches, it is a long-term strategy put in place to not only build awareness of your brand, but to continually give you valuable insight into public opinion and help you effectively communicate with your target audience of moms.  



As you finalize your 2015 media plans, here are five ways to ensure your PR plan is built to last:

Tell a really great story:  A new nail color in your salon is probably not a story everyone is eager to read. However, if you are going to give a certain percentage of nail color sales to a local women’s shelter, that could be the start of a great story.

Choose the right media: Go where moms are gathering. Find out where they get their information and see which media best fits your type of business. When it comes to moms, don’t overlook mobile — more and more moms are consuming their information via mobile devices.

Tailor your pitch: Your story not only has to interest moms, it has to interest the media. Know your media list and create key messaging that not only tells your brand story, but helps the writer/producer/etc. create great content for their own mom audience.

Build media relationships: Read the blog before you pitch the blogger (or the article before you pitch the writer, the TV show before you pitch the producer, etc.). Take it slow — find out what they need and see if you can provide them the information. 

Be accessible: Reporters, editors, producers — they are all usually running on very tight deadlines and need information quickly.  Make sure you have an online media kit that will allow them to grab images or quotes if needed and, if they call, return their call within 24 hours.

Wishing you much marketing-to-mom success in 2015.

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