Sideswipes: Four Cultural Experiences To End 2014

Rather than a media list, here is a culture list to end 2014. This is a small collection of literary, political, ecological, personal and even mythical experiences to end the year. The collection represents a variety of ways that people express their worldview. How will the collection change the ways you express yours?

Nils Frahm compositions

If you think you know what electronic music is because you discovered Avicii this year, I want to push you toward the avant garde side of electro, where sound meets composition and makes music that is hard to deny in the soul.

Unknown Fields nomadic ecologies



If VICE intrigues you, I want to guide you toward the harder side of the sociocultural journalism scene by introducing you to a collective that’s part mixed media art, part journalism, and part punk-as-fu*# social activism.

Q-Tip’s tweet about hip-hop as a sociopolitical movement to Iggy Azalea

If rap hasn’t ever been your thing, I encourage you to read Q-Tip -- checking into his personal integrity by way of a conversation about what hip-hop can, and does, mean.

The Teachings of Don Juan

If you don’t have a mentor I want to offer this book as one, where don Juan will convince you that what you expect to be the important part in your experiences really may not be where you should be looking for the juicy part.

Essential excerpt:

Carlos: “What happened after I became a crow, don Juan? Did I fly for three days?”

Don Juan: “No, you came back at nightfall as I had told you to.”

Carlos: “But how did I come back?”

Don Juan: “You were very tired and went to sleep. That is all.”

Carlos: “I mean did I fly back?”

Don Juan: “I have already told you. You obeyed me and came back to the house. But don’t concern yourself with that matter. It is of no importance.”

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