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  • Sideswipes: What Will The Future Feel Like? in MediaDailyNews on 05/12/2015

    How will we conceive of what technology is in the future? Gadgets have been our de facto network, stimulating connections to one another. Now we're seeing infrastructure connect the public resources we all share. What we really need to know is how the world will feel when gadgets and infrastructure connect.

  • Sideswipes: Collaborative Media in MediaDailyNews on 05/05/2015

    The landscape of media is predominantly about the visual -- pictures, video, gifs. What's underneath that landscape we rarely ask. But of course it's code. Yet we rarely think about that code until something happens that exposes the good that code does.

  • Sideswipes: Content Is Our Greatest Asset in MediaDailyNews on 04/28/2015

    This week over in literature, a group of writers withdrew from the PEN American Center's annual gala in protest over giving an award to French satire magazine "Charlie Hebdo." One would think that considering the attempt in January to silence "Hebdo" through a brutal murder, PEN American writers would be on board. And yet some are not. What I find interesting is why some writers at PEN are not supporting the award.

  • Sideswipes: The Cut-Down Generation - Or Why We're Going Multisensory in MediaDailyNews on 04/14/2015

    Things are in moments now. Meaning (both discovering it and making it) has to happen quickly in a cut-down society. Yet the paradox is at the rate of a cut-down, it's hard to find moments long enough to gain anything meaningful from.

  • Sideswipes: How To Find Role Models For A Human Pace Of Life in MediaDailyNews on 04/07/2015

    In San Francisco, where you would believe everything is zooming toward the digital, humanless, software-based solution, long-term thinking is sideswiping speed. It's a slow movement, and the question at the center of it is what we sign up for in the long run, given the way we live in the short run.

  • Sideswipes: Multiplication - Why The Next Big Thing Is Multiplying What We Have in MediaDailyNews on 03/31/2015

    What are the stems of meaning for data in advertising? We take for granted that data is valuable for acquisition, retention, and surprise and discovery. What if we established new stems that multiplied the meaning for data?

  • Sideswipes: What I Did Instead Of Going To SXSW in MediaDailyNews on 03/24/2015

    While everyone was sending #wishuwerehere grams from SXSW, I went to London, to a conference called Convergence. It's part tech, part sound, part new media. Instead of the conference being a media show itself, our mutual interest in new discovery and building things took center stage. Convergence is a creators conference for people who want to build.

  • Sideswipes: Daring Fans To Invest In Close Readings in MediaDailyNews on 03/17/2015

    As content becomes a go-to media strategy I'm wondering whether we can consider close readings as a media strategy as well. Can close readings be used to reveal a longer-term story both about the characters in the content and about ourselves as we watch these characters invest in emotions we all share as we live and grow?

  • Sideswipes: Sharing Is The New Delete  in MediaDailyNews on 03/10/2015

    That a private project created by an individual artist can cause Google to flip on the destroy switch reveals how the corporation feels about the public experimenting with ways sharing might function in a world of accelerating technologies. And yet sharing is the new delete.

  • Sideswipes: We're Doing Pretty Good On Digital Sex - Now We Just Need Intimacy in MediaDailyNews on 02/24/2015

    The "Wired" issue you've been waiting for debuted this month... if you've been waiting for a heads-up about how we're doing on sex in the digital age. The issue isn't for everyone, I'll admit, but if you happen to be a person who has been wondering like I have how we ended up with so much connectivity yet so little intimacy, the issue has a lot to say.

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  • Sideswipes: Say Hello To ello by Katie Meier (MediaDailyNews on 09/29/2014)

    Hi Brian- Completely agree. Unless ello may not care about growing? This is an interesting question becasue marketers default to the assumption growth is the goal. Doesn't seem to be the case at ello. From a great piece at GigaOm with the founder: “We’re totally trying to shift values.” Just a thought. Thanks for you comment, and I couldn't agree more- masses need free/paid infrastructure. Tiny may not. Let's see! :)

  • Ello Taps Ad, Data Frustration Playing Familiar Counterculture Card by Steve Smith (Data and Targeting Insider on 09/30/2014)

    Steve- Hi there. I'm the author of the 'other ello' piece running today ( I wanted to respond to your opinion. In particular, to this thought you put forward: "Nothing sells quite like a principled rejection of selling." True enough. Here's where I think you'll find my piece helpful- A lot of us aren't trying to sell, and don't want to. Scale is not the ultimate objective, shocking as that may be for marketers. The real issue ello is bringing forward is whether its ok to set limits on 'enoughness.' Marketing rarely asks the question: "How much is enough?" ello has asked that question and answered with the retort, that frankly they don't give an f- about getting big. (See this interview w ello founder, Budnitz- If marketers assume scale and growth is the goal of every company, than sure, ello is anti-selling just to sell, exactly like you say. Just thought I'd give you an alternate angle that considers the idea scale and growth may not be the driving force for everyone. I know- It's a pretty Haight-Ashbury though. But in the new wave of social resistance to invasive media, which I'll call myself out and say I am very much a part of, we realize limits are actually a good thing. Limits preserve quality, community, and values among likeminded souls. Thanks for your awesome work... and nice to meet. :)

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