'Belty' For TV: Looking To Close One More Loop

LAS VEGAS -- Buckle up your new media engagement issues.

The Belty -- an electronic belt buckle (yes, that's right) -- was a curious favorite at the Consumer Electronics Show. The Belty can sense you’ve perhaps eaten too much after a meal, and it will adjust to your expanded waistline and open your belt a bit. All this before you stand up.

The device, which comes from Paris-based startup Emiota, has been called “hideous” in some reviews, perhaps like a traffic accident that requires dangerous gawking.

Here’s hoping future Belty versions will work way earlier in the evening, giving prospectus diners better fashion advice: “No! Not the sea-foam-colored T-shirt with your black leather pants!”

New wearable devices like the Belty should go further and help us with television watching. Gorging yourself on some fattening TV shows? Perhaps a suspenseful, tight-wound TV drama? Think about a Belty pinch -- or two. One big happy, fall-on-the-floor comedy? Open things up a bit.



TV advertisers could participate: Beer, fast-food, and confection marketers should sign up.

Also, Japanese glasses-maker Jins has a pair of posture-sensing, fatigue-measuring glasses -- which look just like regular glasses. Google Glass and other interactive-eye-wear makers should take note.

Everyone talks about consuming too much media these days. All these devices could be the start of a new era of wearables with perhaps second-screen functions -- looking to address your media appetite worries.

We can’t rely on our senses anymore. Now we need technology to remind us we need to take more steps, eat less food, listen to more music, and look for more -- and the right -- engagement for our brains.

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