Finding programmatic revenue -- or lead-generation value

Programmatic may yield too low cost per thousand prices for many publishers. Still, others who even sell premium video inventory find value.

During a OMMA Miami panel, Daren Trousdell, founder/chief executive officer of OneUp Sports says: “Programmatic is a lead-generation tool for us; we can see who is bidding on the inventory.” And, with that knowledge, Trousdell looks for ways to bridge the pricing gap.

Paul Rostkowski, president of Varick Media Management, says overall its not always the small marketer looking at lowest cost versus say consumer product marketers:

“To us all users are worth something --10 cents or $10 CPM. This is sort of like real estate and the house on that land. We don’t ever see DR advertisers coming to us wanting low rates; we see the CPG advertisers wanting low rates. Our DR advertisers want very good outcomes... CPG players, particularly for video, want really low rates as long its sort of the audience they want to reach.”

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