US Hispanic Millennials The 'Mobile-First Generation'

Joline McGoldrick, research director, Dynamic Logic/Millward Brown, shared recent research data regarding the screen preference of U.S. Hispanics with the audience at Engage: Hispanics in Miami on Monday.

Not surprisingly, the younger the generation was more mobile focused, while older generations favored television. However, it’s fair to say all generations are both watching TV and using smartphones.

Millward Brown found that about 75% of Hispanic Millennials (born after 1980) watched television yesterday, but 84% used a smartphone to access the Internet. Just under half (44%) of this generation have children under 18 in the household.

“This is definitely the mobile-first generation,” exclaimed McGoldrick, “[but] not as much as Gen Z will be.”

For Gen X, born from 1965-1980, the numbers essentially flip. McGoldrick said 82% of Gen X U.S. Hispanics watched TV yesterday, while 71% used Internet on a smartphone. Just under three-quarters (73%) of this generation have children under 18 in the household.

The Hispanic "Boomers” -- for lack of a better term, said McGoldrick, because she contends Hispanic "Boomers" have a different psychographic makeup -- born from 1946-1964, 92% watched TV yesterday and 56% used Internet on a smartphone. One-third of this generation has kids under 18 in the household, and McGoldrick noted that the purchasing power of the Hispanic "Boomers" tends to be underrated.

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