Native content not always buzzing. What about feedback?

Speaking at the MediaPost Content Marketing Insider Summit, Andrew Susman, president of Studio One Networks, asked whether native content can be transactional.

Dave Lavine, chief revenue officer of Hone, responded that it is more about communication. "All users are asking for feedback. We are saying 'we think we know what you want, and we are going to put it in front of you.'" 

He adds: "Most people are saying, ‘You got close but you missed. Good idea; bad execution. All you needed to do is ask.' There has to be a better way to communicate.”

Jon Lewis, vp of content for LaneTerraLever, added that it's about the quality of the content itself: "It’s authenticity. You have to specific to them. The more generic we get the more ineffective it is going to be is and the more people are going to tune out in general for all branded content or native advertising.”

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