The Experian Credit Tracker App

This week’s profile is APPY entrant Experian for their Experian Credit Tracker.

This app, available to existing Experian Credit TrackerSM members in the United States, provides a quick, up to the minute overview of a customer’s credit status.
As data breaches become increasingly more common, monitoring and accessing credit information through a secure app is an essential shield in the fight against identity theft. This app keeps one on top of one’s credit history and sensitive to any potential compromise in personal data.

MP: How does the Experian App help users stay on top of their credit?
The new Experian Credit Tracker apps make it possible for members to engage and interact with their credit anytime, anywhere, and on their iOS or Android device.
They gain access their Experian Credit Reports and FICO Scores to monitor their credit. Members also receive push notifications when key updates to their credit report are detected. The app empowers Experian Credit Tracker members to interact with their credit, including their FICO® Scores, in new ways so they can make more informed financial decisions.

MP: How often is the information updated on the app?

Information is updated automatically ever day when members sign in.

MP: What other important features, besides credit score tracking, does the app offer?

The Dashboard provides a snapshot of members’ most recent credit health and trends, like score changes month-to-month, percentage of credit used, total debt, and how many factors are currently helping vs. hurting their credit score.
The Credit Summary shows members the five key elements that make up their FICO Score based on their Experian Credit Report

The Experian Credit Tracker app allows members to view their full Experian Credit Report, seeing the same kind of information that banks see including credit accounts, inquiries and public records. The Experian Credit Reports are updated automatically every day when members sign in.

Members can see their FICO Credit Score, track FICO Score changes over time and see the key areas that influence it. As FICO Scores are used in 90 percent of credit decisions, this is important information to know.  Score Factors tell members which of their financial behaviors are helping and hurting their FICO Scores.
Members’ FICO Scores are updated automatically every day when they sign in.

This app also provides credit monitoring and alerts, keeping abreast of
changes to members’ credit profiles, such as when a new credit account is opened, an address change is reported or an inquiry appears on their credit reports.
When these changes occur, Experian sends members push notifications so they can view them right away on their devices, allowing them to respond quickly.

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