The Sunnycomb App

This week, we profile APPY Award entrant Sunnycomb, created by the award-winning app developers at Fuel. Sunnycomb is the first social weather app that makes weather forecasts personal, by including the emotions of thousands of users from around the world by bringing the benefits of crowd-sourced data, scientific analysis, and personalized weather reports together under one roof.

MP:  How does the Sunnycomb app work?

Sunnycomb is an innovative app that makes weather both a personal and social experience.

You use Sunnycomb just as you would your average weather app to get the current weather and forecast, but the greater the user involvement, the greater the experience, allowing the user to take part in global connections and conversations.

The Sunnycomb algorithm delivers a personalized weather forecast and will let you know how you will probably feel about it too. Sunnycomb also features a unique and sleek design that doesn’t skimp on features like other popular weather applications.

MP: Are Sunnycomb’s forecasts based only on crowd-sourced information from weather enthusiasts? How accurate is it?

Sunnycomb users will receive extensive, accurate and timely weather information thanks to it’s connection to Weathernews, Inc. which employs over 400 meteorologists in 15 countries spread across four different continents. These meteorologists use data aggregated from Sunnycomb users to fine-tune the information on a very local and personal level. Crowd-sourced photography and mood data also lets you not only check temperature and rain forecasts for faraway places, but actually allows insight into the moods, feelings, and daily life patterns of those spread all across the world in real time.

MP: How do Sunnycomb users interact with each other if weather is the number one topic of conversation?

Sunnycomb offers users many ways to interact with one another. You can comment on other user’s sky reports, follow your favorite posters, or even connect to Facebook to see what your friends are saying. Once sky report photos are submitted to the Sunnycomb database, the user can opt to share those photos with their local or global community, send the image to a friend, or apply different emotions based on keywords related to the day. There is even a built in translator so you can understand what is posted no matter where in the world it is from.

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