When Will TV Upfront Money Start Flowing To Other Times Of The Year?

Many upfront connoisseurs are already saying traditional TV upfronts will probably show a flat to decreasing dollar volume.

But don’t think for a minute those exact dollars will find their way to digital video coffers. Executives do believe traditional video dollars will  be moving -- at some point. Digital video advertising piece will come to $7.7 billion in 2015, according to eMarketer.

Supply and demand issues are still a problem with the big TV networks, especially when it comes to their ability to scale up big quantities of viewers. But looking at the NewFronts as an alternative may be folly. Instead, look for ongoing deals made through the year -- in the traditional/digital TV scatter market; calendar year TV deals; or longer branded entertainment TV/digital deals. Some call that a success.

For over a decade many have predicted the upfront selling process would go away.  Now we have TV marketers increasingly holding on to their ad  dollars to spend them not only in the traditional TV scatter markets, but with new digital TV services throughout the year.

Consider future TV upfronts like a 30-year-old home roof -- one with slow drips.



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