Disney Stock Rises On New "Star Wars" Trailer; Netflix Higher On Global Forecasts

Two big media companies, Walt Disney and Netflix, witnessed some big stock market moves on Thursday.

On the back of major media analysts' expectations -- as well as riding a wave of financial results the day before -- Netflix’ stock close up a big 18% to $563.25. The day before Netflix’s stock rose 12% in after market trading.

Many analysts significantly boosted their price targets for Netflix. But one, Barton Crockett of FBR & Co., lifted his price target for the company to an eye-popping $900 some day -- all due to big international business expectations.

Crockett believes Netflix could get to 180 million global subscribers in five years. The day before, Netflix said it has grown faster than its estimates in the first quarter to just over 62 million worldwide.

Walt Disney’s stock rose sharply on Thursday, closing at over 1% to at $108.10 after the release of a movie trailer for a new “Star Wars” movie, which will be release this Christmas.

Two years ago, Disney bought Lucasfilm for $4 billion, which owns the "Star Wars" franchise. The movie will be seventh in a series of “Star Wars” movies and the first under Disney.



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