Danish DSP Adform Begins Offering Tech To Publishers

Adform, a Denmark-based demand-side platform (DSP), wants to extend to the other side of the equation and offer technology to publishers as well.

The first step in that process is the launch of a new programmatic ad server for the publisher, announced this week.

The ad server considers both guaranteed deals and real-time biding (RTB) side by side, comparing line items in real-time, says Adform. The ad server also includes forecasting tools, per a release.

“Many publishers have been slow to adopt programmatic strategies because of the perceived threat they pose to existing, high-value direct sales channels,” stated Gustav Mellentin, CEO at Adform. He added that the ad server is meant to help publisher “maximize yield regardless of whether inventory is sold programmatically or through direct deals.”

The ad server is Adform’s first technology geared for publishers. The company notes in a release that it plans to roll out a full supply-side platform (SSP) soon.

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