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This week, we profile APPY Award entrant the android app. This is what the team behind the app shared with us.

1. What percentage of your subscribers use the app? Based on your estimates, how much time do they spend on mobile devices vs desktop.

Nearly 50% of all of our subscribers access mobile through our Match apps, and our members spend about 65% of their time accessing Match on their phones (vs. desktop).

2. What's principally new about the new version? 

Our reimagined Match Android app took a huge leap forward.  We made our most valued content the most impactful with larger photos, seamlessly simple navigation and two exciting new ways to discover new people and their personalities.

While we were modernizing our app, we also decided to mobilize it with a completely new experience for Android Wear. Now our members can stay connected to the moments that matter literally everywhere life takes them.

3. What are some of the app's coolest features?

Photos are our greatest currency. And our new features make them even more valuable.  Profile photos are bigger — and so is their impact. Members can now view photos free of distraction in Immersive

Mode. And when they’re ready to refresh their profile, they can add, edit and delete photos and captions from the same handy menu.

Our app also gives members more opportunities to connect including mobile only features, like:

  • Mixer helps members make rapid connections, so they can find what they’re looking for faster.
  • Stream brings the richness of our profiles to the forefront. Now members can get a feel for someone’s personality even before they visit that person’s profile.
  • Push Notifications keep members on top of what’s happening in the moment, so they can react while the sparks are flying.

The Android app is also the only Match mobile platform that comes equipped with our “Reverse Match” and “Mutual Match” features.  These more specialized features help you easily identify potential dates that not only match your search criteria, but find people whose criteria are targeting singles who look an awful lot like you! 

4. How is it different from other popular dating apps?

Match is the world’s largest dating site, and our app reflects that.  We have great site parity and offer significantly more features that help our members easily review matches, get to know others, and most importantly, make a connection.

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