Telmar Takes Media Planning Mobile

Media planners are obsessed with mobile, and now they can use it to do their jobs, courtesy of media planning software maker Telmar, which has introduced a Keystone Cross Media app for Apple devices. The app allows users to access a range of media analytics on Apple devices -- including on the Apple Watch.

Using the product, advertisers and marketers can analyze and optimize their campaigns across various media for targets including reach, frequency, and cost, incorporating proprietary or syndicated data, and calculating the likely impact of different spending allocations. They can also use the cloud-based service to create and distribute graphic reports on multimedia plans.

A standard version of the Keystone mobile app can be purchased for $249.99 at the Apple App Store, and is also included as part of the Keystone service package for Telmar clients.

Enterprise mobile apps are the sexy new thing -- well, “sexy” may be overstating it, but anyway, they’re new. Earlier this month, Microsoft gave a peek at a new native mobile-app version of its search and presentation technology, called Delve, which turns elements of Office 365 into something like a Flipboard experience, per ZDNet.

Back in February, Thomson Reuters launched an iPhone app version of the business information publisher’s BoardLink service, a secure, collaborative workflow app designed for corporate boards of directors. The BoardLink iPhone app gives board members secure access to a variety of corporate and business intelligence information and allows them to draft documents with digital signatures.

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  1. Billy Craig from Billy Craig Music/ Rock Island Records, May 5, 2015 at 12:49 p.m.

    This is amazing!

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