From Greeting Cards To Gadgets: The Evolution Of Mother's Day Gifts

For as long as I can remember, Mother’s Day has been synonymous with three things: handmade cards, flowers, and brunch. That’s how we always celebrated with my mom, and now it’s how I celebrate with my own kids.

This year, though, I’ve been dropping some not-so-subtle hints to my husband that there’s a really stylish, wearable fitness tracking band I’ve had my eye on. Not only is it just as pretty as flowers, but it will help me work off those brunch calories, all while delivering calls and texts right to my wrist. Will he get the hint? I’ve got my fingers crossed!

Kids And Dads Are Catching On – Slowly

Apparently, I’m not alone. New research from the search engine Bing predicts that while cards and flowers will still be the most popular Mother’s Day gift categories in 2015 (80% and 67% of purchases respectively), 80% of moms are actually interested in getting consumer electronics. According to the National Retail Federation, only around 13% of those planning to buy a gift for Mom will buy consumer electronics this year, expecting to spend over $100 on these gizmos and gadgets. 



According to IBISWorld, these numbers reflect a growing trend. Its study found that over the past five years, Mother’s Day spending on consumer electronics has actually outpaced growth in spending on every other gift category. So while there’s still a pretty big disconnect between what moms want and what they’re getting, the evolution is taking place.

Tech Gets Mom Through Her Day (And Her Workout)

Moms lead increasingly fast-paced lives, and handheld devices are almost indispensable for anyone trying to manage their family’s work, education, social life, exercise, and activity schedules. Our research has shown that 90% of Millennial moms own a smartphone, and that they use these devices for everything from downloading coupons to researching parenting information to streaming cartoons for their kids. 

Our studies also show that Millennial moms are very interested in “wearables” – electronic fitness trackers that can do everything from counting calories to displaying social media updates. In fact, our findings show that these moms are twice as likely to own a fitness tracking device as the average adult. 

The Message For Marketers

If you’re hoping to reach moms through some of this new technology, marketers need to be more imaginative and consider leveraging wearables and gadgets in their marketing plans in the future. The opportunities to reach this tech-savvy audience are becoming limitless.

And if you’re just someone looking for a great Mother’s Day gift, keep your ears tuned to our not-so-subtle hints. Flowers and cards may be wonderful, but we’d sure love to find a hot new gadget nestled in that bouquet!

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