TV's 'Must-Have' Media Buys -- Or Lack Thereof

Do content scarcity issues continue going into this upfront? Need to have CBS’“Big Bang Theory,” or NBC’s “The Voice”? Some would say yes -- especially in a world with a decreasing supply of “must-have” programming, not just in broadcast but cable as well.

Others have narrowed their “must-have” targets by focusing just on live programming in prime time, with NFL or other big sports for value.

Considering a projected weak upfront marketplace, there will be fewer “scarcity” issues. Even buying those avails in the scatter marketplace won’t cause much of a price penalty, if at all -- as overall scatter prices have been generally soft for over two years.

Still, speaking at the MediaPost Outfront event on Thursday, Gibbs Haljun, managing director, media investment for Group M,  said securing specific time on networks or programs may make sense — for example, if you are a food advertiser or food-associated brand and looking to buy from a cable channel like the Food Network.



Speaking at the same event, Jason Kanefsky, executive vice president of strategic investments for Havas Media, said he believes clients are more flexible. These days marketers’ “must-have” programming demands can change from one meeting to the next.

What about digital? Few would say digital programming is a must-buy, at all.

At the same time, media executives continue to note that premium digital video -- those pre-roll ads before network TV shows on the likes of Hulu --  continues to be a pricey affair, with cost per thousands (CPMs) three to four times that of linear TV, and all with hard-to-come-by avails.

Still, you can bypass even the biggest video platform if you need to go elsewhere. “YouTube? You can buy around it,” said Adam Kasper, chief media officer of Havas Media, North America.

Maybe we need to focus on TV and media content that is now “must-not.”

Correction: The May 7 TV Watch incorrectly said that Comcast had more Internet customers than video customers as of the first quarter this year. Comcast will reach that goal by the end of the second quarter.

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