Yes, 'Mad Men' Has Ended - But Here's A Movie That Might Fill the Void

Okay -- so there's really nothing that can -- or quite possibly, ever will -- fill the void left by the ending of "Mad Men." But for whatever reason, Hollywood likes to visit the ad agency from time to time and a new movie starring Hugh Jackman and Rooney Mara plans to do just that.

While details are scarce, the indie film is called "Collateral Beauty" and will be set in a New York ad agency and be penned by Allan Loeb, who wrote "Here Comes the Boom," "21," and "The Dilemma." The plot will center on a man whose life is flipped upside down after experiencing a tragedy that sends him headlong into a spiral of depression.

The film has not started shooting yet, so it will be a while before we will know much more about the film. It is the second film that Jackman and Mara will have starred in. The first was "Pan" which will be released shortly by Warner Brothers. 



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