RPA Creative Director Releases Book on Instagram

Why release a book in digital form on Amazon when you can release it on Instagram? After all, bite-sized social media crumbs is where it's at these days, right? RPA’s ECD Jason Sperling is releasing a book on Instagram about winning back jaded consumers to brands. Each post will be either an animation or an illustration depicting that particular section of the book. Currently, he has some excerpts up on Instagram.

The book, entitled Look At Me When I'm Talking To You, examines today’s marketing environment and talks about what it takes to break through and connect with today’s cynical, overstimulated audiences. In an effort to be his own best example, and to connect with Millennials who now live on social media, he decided to release the book a little differently. One illustrated page a day, for 160 days. In, yes, bite size portions, the way most ADD-addled people currently consume content.

Of the Instagram approach, Sperling said, “Leveraging Instagram to discuss the challenges of advertising today is an actual demonstration of one of the premises of my book -- to wholeheartedly connect with consumers where they naturally consume content in a way that matches their habits. My goal is for the book to be a crucial tool in defeating ‘adpathy,' the unconscious disassociation and indifference toward marketing due to an overabundance of media and messages out in the world. And the launch of the book will mirror the advice I’m giving.”

Sperling joined RPA in 2010 from Media Arts Lab, where he worked on the "Get a Mac" Apple campaign. He has been honored with awards, including Cannes Gold Lions, the Cannes Gold Cyber Lion, the Grand Effie, One Show Gold, Clio Gold, ADC, Webby Awards, Shortys, and Communication Arts.
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