TargetSpot Launches Data-Driven Digital Audio Platform

TargetSpot, a digital radio ad network, is the latest audio player to dabble with "programmatic" technologies. 

The company on Tuesday announced the launch of a programmatic ad platform, dubbed TS BlueBox, for digital audio publishers. The platform is intended to allow digital audio publishers to sell targeted ads both locally and internationally from a single platform.

“Previously, publishers have been locked out of international markets where they did not have a revenue solution to support streaming audio content,” claimed Thierry Ascarez, VP of business development, in a statement. “We’ve created a platform which connects publishers to international advertising revenue, opening up valuable markets.”

It does so by inserting itself into the chain, connecting digital audio publishers to international ad networks. This allows U.S. publishers to monetize their audiences and access European markets including the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland and Belgium from a single interface. Additional countries are expected later this year. The platform also works in reverse (allowing European publishers to reach the U.S.).



TargetSpot’s platform allows publishers to use audience data from third-party providers to create segments which can then be targeted against, per a release. Geo-targeting and device targeting are also available through the new platform.

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