Cindy Gallop Wants Women to Make A Sh*t Ton of Money

Cindy Gallop -- former head of BBH in the U.S. and founder of If We Ran the World and Make Love Not Porn -- recently spoke at InspireFest and said: “I want to see women making huge exits from start-ups, and up there in the rarified tech billionaire ranks with Larry and Sergey and Evan and Travis.” 

Of the challenges women face in this regard, Gallop added: “All those barriers will fall away from all of us when we can prove that women can make a shit ton of money.”

Gallop, of course, has done quite well herself, but she feels there are still barriers in place for women looking to make the same big exits so many men make when they cash out. 

Gallop's current effort with Make Love Not Porn is to normalize sex. Of that goal, she adds: "I felt a personal responsibility to take this forward and be far-reaching and effective. I saw an opportunity for a huge business solution to address a huge social need. It is not anti-porn but the total absence of a conversation around sex and ability for people to talk openly and honestly about it. The opportunity was to make real world sex socially acceptable.”



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