Google's Real-Time Research: The Wait Is Over

Google Trends has long been a useful, go-to tool for marketers and brands seeking to understand how and when consumers are searching. Last week Google revealed that they are now offering up-to-the-minute trending data, enabling users to access a real-time look into the mind of the searcher.

Along with real-time consumer data, Google added the ability to discover more granular searches in smaller regions.

With everyone practically connected to a smartphone, the implications are widespread, but here are three to consider:

The Wait Is Over: Brands and marketers are now able to see how their consumers react and behave in real time. No longer do we have to wait weeks for surveys to assess the effectiveness of an ad campaign. Now search trending data can bridge the time gap by telling us whether or not a campaign resonated with consumers and drove them to seek more information via Google or YouTube.

Recalibrating in Real-Time: Real-time trending data will also enable us to become more nimble with advertising campaigns and react instantaneously to peaks in consumer interest.

The graph below shows fluctuations in search demand that recently surrounded the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup victory parade on Thursday, June 18th:

The peak of search volume occurred at 10:08 a.m., minutes after the parade began. The second spike came at 12:48 p.m., when the team entered Wrigley field.

100 Billion Reasons: Search-engine keyword data provides unique insight into more than 100 billion consumer searches per month. A number of different perspectives such as insights, linguistics, intent, search volume, and consumer preference can now be considered in real time, providing a powerful tool to researchers, marketers, and journalists.

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