What New Devices Can Help UGC Grow?

Your average-citizen content producers need to check their tools these days.  

Are GoPro cameras/technology enough? How about Apple products? Are newer smartphones of better help? Contents producer may already have plenty.

Concerns have arisen over Apple Watch, for example, that it can’t do “everything.” Well, of course, it doesn’t have a camera.

One CNBC contributor recently said on Friday, somewhat obviously, that you are not supposed to be a “content producer” with a Apple Watch -- just “tethered” to do other stuff. Still, with media wearables it’s nice to get notifications, texts, emails. But is this it.

For the Apple Watch, some say there is no “killer app” as yet. And in that vein, perhaps that is why there isn’t much rush to get one. No lines at Apple stores these days.

Convenience can be just a important as creating content in the digital space -- no more, no less. Still, we all revel in everything from social media messaging, to writing product reviews, to videos of watermelons being blown up by firecrackers for the July 4th holiday.



No matter. We can expect more user-generated content will continue. The guys at YouTube will tell you that.

And you can also expect user-generated content to be important to brands: 84% of Millennials report user-generated content on company websites has at least some influence on what they buy; 86% say that user-generated content is generally a good indicator of the quality of a brand or service.

We know Apple is a master in creating need, when we seemingly didn’t need it previously. But the Apple Watch? We need to wait and see the need.

All the while, people will continue to want to create stuff -- but new technology won’t always fit their needs.

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  1. Nicholas Schiavone from Nicholas P. Schiavone, LLC, June 29, 2015 at 11:29 p.m.


    Get a grip.

    There is no crisis.  No urgency.  Not even a paradox!  

    Paula makes a critical point:  making & using are 2 different things.

    And a wise man just wrote:
    "Convenience can be just a important as creating content in the digital space -- no more, no less."

    Take a break.  Enjoy the Fourth of July Weekend!

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