The Hyperbabblers Strike Back

We had a good run going here at Real-Time Daily exposing all of the putrid PR pitches via “Hyperbabble of the Day,” but it has slowed down in recent months. Perhaps the ad tech industry had matured enough that hyperbolic blather was no longer necessary.

Nope. The hyperbabblers have risen again.

Normally I would just make a Hyperbabble of the Day post and hang that jargon out to dry. But there were two good options to kick off the week, and it was hard to choose just one.

“The move grants agencies and trading desks simple access to rich and reliable audience data for the French market and beyond, supercharging data-driven campaigns to reach higher ROI.

"Both companies are pursuing a vision to unlock the true power of mobile programmatic, having been built from day one with the goal of enabling advertisers to deliver their messages to exactly the right audiences in their crucial ‘mobile moments.’”



Not only are the campaigns data-driven -- they are now supercharged as well!

From another pitch:

[Company] offers both fully-managed and self-service mobile marketing solutions to their clients through the proprietary technology of the [Company Platform], which includes state-of-the-art programmatic optimization algorithms that consider past, real-time and predicted future outcomes of mobile campaigns to automatically guide advertising to meet each client's unique goals.

That quote starts off with some run-of-the-mill jargon, but quickly slips into supercharged territory. It’s up for Hyperbabble of the Year.

Actually, the second pitch is far worse than the first, in my opinion. But the fact that I had two options on my plate -- after going nearly three months without writing a Hyperbabble of the Day -- struck me. Have there been some jargon-laden press pitches in the past three months that I’ve missed? I don’t doubt it -- and I am going to be more vigilant about it moving forward thanks to this reminder -- but I did truly think during that dry spell that maybe, just maybe, hyperbabble was no longer a go-to for ad tech pitches. Guess not.

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  1. Erik Sass from none, July 7, 2015 at 4:32 p.m.

    Hyperbabble never dies, it just gets fully optimized.

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