After CEO Debacle, Reddit Wasting No Time Wooing Ad Agencies

By now you've certainly heard Ellen Pao has been ousted as CEO of Reddit and co-founder Steve Huffman has filled her shoes. Well, Huffman is wasting no time working to get things back on track, especially in positioning the community site as medium agencies should consider for their clients. 

Speaking to AdExchanger, a Reddit spokesperson said, “Reddit has massive scale, which is attractive to advertisers. We want to allow brands and agencies to leverage not just the reach of Reddit, but the engaged community and create meaningful conversations with them on a more consistent basis.”

Lest anyone think Reddit is begging for cash with this renewed outreach to advertisers, Huffman cleared things up, saying, “Reddit has a lot of cash. Monetization isn't a short-term concern of ours. Reddit will continue to experiment with different efforts so that when time is right we know what works and what does not.”

While Reddit may, in fact, be sitting pretty monetarily, this latest Pao-mageddon did not bode well and has many members quite miffed. The site may go the way of Digg or it may survive and remain a central point of community and discussion. Either way, someone will come out on top. Just look at your Facebook feed. Some people simply can't shut up. And I blame the internet for that.



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