Moms Want More Information On Retail Shelves

In my work I often have the opportunity to shop in retail stores with mothers. I always like to ask women I shop with how much consideration or research they might put into some of their purchase choices for their families, like food. With moms in particular, I’ve found that although they tell us that they want to know more about their food, oftentimes they are not willing to put much effort into it. 

Imagine that you’re a busy mom trying to do a quick grocery shop for tonight’s family dinner. Perhaps you’ve got your child, or children, in tow and you don’t have a minute to spare. While observing moms at retail I’ve found that they often make purchase decisions right there at the shelf based upon what the product packaging and shelf signage communicate to them. 

One mom recently shared with me, “I just avoid all together the products that don’t give me much information. I don’t have time for mystery meat. If a product is USDA certified organic, tell me that right on the package.” 



Through my shop-along research, moms have also shared that they believe it is the role of the retailer to offer them more information about the products they stock. Some categories such as fresh cheeses and meats that are packaged in store may not always have a great deal of information on the package; when that is the case, retailers should provide signage at the shelf. One program I’ve seem resonate very well with moms is “meet the producer”-style campaigns. In Whole Foods Market, for example, I’ve seen creative shelf signage that shows a photo of a brand’s CEO or one of the farmers that produces that product. Programs like this enable shoppers to quickly put a face to the brand name, and often make them feel more confident about their purchase.

Key Takeaways:

  • Moms want to know more about the products they buy, but often they are not willing to work for it. Make it as easy as possible for shoppers to see your product’s unique attributes, such as Non-GMO Verified, right on the product package.
  • Offer moms more information at the shelf – visual-heavy graphics that reassure her that she is making a smart choice for her family.

How is your brand connecting with busy moms at the retail shelf? Have you noticed other brands that seem to have their A-game on when it comes to how their products are merchandised in stores? Let me know by commenting below or tweeting to me at @LisaMabe.

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