While Reading This Headline, 8 Startups Were Born

That’s assuming it took you about 2.5 seconds to read the hed.

A new graphic from Gasoline, a startup apparel brand for startups, gives a real-time readout on stats about startups. It deals with all startups -- not just ad tech -- but it helps put everything in perspective.

Startups that are still alive are doing better than about 90% of the competition. Those that thrive have beaten nearly all logical odds. According to the constantly updating infographic, by the time 30 new startups have formed (which doesn’t take long -- not even 10 seconds) 27 have died.

The above stats deal with worldwide startups. Here in the U.S., one new startup is born every five seconds. The exchange rate between startup birth and startup deaths is about the same in the U.S. as it is worldwide -- roughly 90%.

In ad tech, it sometimes feels like the birth-to-death ratio is closer to 3-to-1. Just look at this mess of a chart. With that said, ad tech is still a relatively young market with consolidation still taking place. The winners and losers are beginning to separate themselves.

The graphic is fueled by data from Kauffman statistics. You can see it in action below. 

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