M&M's Debuts Naughty 'Eating in Bed' TV Spot

M&M's has verged into slightly risqué territory with its latest TV ad, "Eating in Bed."

The creative, from BBDO New York, shows a horrified woman  caught "cheating" by her husband — the humorous twist being that her bed partner is the M&M's Red character. 

Seems that the husband and wife had agreed to share the candy for dessert, but she decided to keep Red to herself. (Yellow also turns out to be hiding in the closet.) The spot closes out with the classic rock song "Tainted Love."

"Our latest commercial shows how irresistible M&M'S really are in a way that's part-comedy, and part-soap opera," says the brand's VP, marketing, Berta de Pablos-Barbier. "We think viewers will have fun with all the twists and turns, and see how it's even more fun to share M&M'S Chocolate Candies versus keeping them all for yourself."

The ad debuted nationally on July 27 on television and the brand's social media channels.



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