Neutrogena's Garris: Sometimes Digital Marketing Begins At Home

That’s what the former agency exec (Leo Burnett) found when she joined the client-side, Molly Garris, senior manager-digital marketing at Neutrogena, told Cross-Channel Marketing Insider Summit attendees during her opening keynote in Lake Tahoe this morning.

“When it comes to beauty, digital is not super high,” she said showing data on digital marketing by the beauty and skin care category. “A lot of the sales are happening inside the store.”

To overcome that perception internally among Neutrogena’s leadership team, Garris did a little internal marketing aimed at her own executives. Basically, she said she flags important digital marketing campaigns developed by Neutrogena’s chief competitors -- brands like L’Oreal and Sephora -- to get their digital juices, and buy-in, flowing.

“I show them all the cool 'Beauty Insider' CRM programs they’re doing,” she said showing attendees some of Sephora’s better digital marketing during her presentation, especially “Skincare IQ.”

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