12 Agency Execs Profess Their Distaste For Spec Work

Oh, those damn new business prospects. Always asking for spec work for pitches. Will they ever learn? It's like asking a doctor to operate on your toe so he can prove he'll be successful operating on your heart without even knowing the details of your health condition.

The HubSpot blog, Agency Post, asked 12 ad agency execs to spout off about spec work and what they think about the clients who request it.

Here's one of the better responses from Fuseideas' Dennis Franczak who said: "In written RFP responses, spec work is a waste of time. The reader may not have any context to what you are showing them. I also think when people ask it in an RFP they don’t understand how important developing creative is to us. It’s what we do. Asking us to just give it away means they already don’t respect you or what you do. To them, it’s like hiring somebody to provide them office supplies."

He continued: "For in-person presentations, it’s your chance to show them how you think or how you arrived at your creative approach. 95% of whatever gets done in a spec creative pitch is tossed out because you don’t have the background or the relationship with the client to know what they really need, but it shows how you think and it shows them you want their business."

What's your take on spec work?



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  1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, August 27, 2015 at 10:29 a.m.

    Absolutely right. I have been involved in many new business presentations and have yet to see a valid reason for a prospective client to ask for spec work----except to steal ideas without paying for them. Invariably the agency trying for the business doesn't know enough about the client's true situation---in product positioning and marketing as well as media to offer anything worthwhile anyway.

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