Boston Marketing, Ad Tech Firms Get Their Very Own LUMA-Inspired Chart

It may not be Silicon Valley, but Boston has proven to be a formidable breeding ground for some successful digital marketing companies.

Jebbit, a Boston-based “post-click marketing platform,” decided to round up all of these Boston marketing and advertising technology companies and display them in a Lumascape-like chart. 

One of the busiest buckets on the chart is the programmatic ad category.

Featured are DataXu, Clypd, Digilant, ChoiceStream, OwnerIQ and BuySellAds. Other companies involved in marketing automation -- such as mobile-focused firms Fisku, Adelphic and Celtra -- also make the chart.

Boston is also home to VisualIQ, Semcasting and others in the data and analytics space.

Jebbit plans to update its chart periodically, and is even open to suggestions or comments if someone believes “a company should be in a different category.” The fact that even needs to be said at all speaks to how intertwined a lot of these marketing and advertising technology companies are.

Not mentioned on the chart are nToggle, a new player in the ad tech space that offers technology that “toggles” bid streams to match programmatic supply and demand more effectively; Visible Measures, a DSP that calls Boston home; and others, including Nexage, which was acquired by Millennial Media.

In addition, some Boston-based venture capitalists and investors have taken an interest in ad tech as well. Last summer, some of the biggest ad tech companies -- including AppNexus and MediaMath -- raised a substantial amount of money in respective rounds led by Boston-based firms.

A diagram put together by a vendor is not the same as a diagram put together by the actual LUMA partners, so take it all in with a grain of salt. This is not an all-encompassing view of the Boston marketing and advertising technology space -- nor should it be considered one -- but it’s interesting nonetheless, because it does shine a light on Boston as a burgeoning hub.

Jebbit’s chart can be found here.

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