How To Engage And Educate Millennials On Your Brand

With so many companies to choose from, millennials have unlimited options when it comes to selecting a brand to remain loyal to. While this generation is one of the most devoted, they are also one of the most discerning. Millennials can be a brand’s best ally, or their downfall, so finding a way to engage and educate them makes it easier to closely identify with your message, and connect with your brand’s core values. Here are some of my tips on how to not only engage millennials, but empower them to be an advocate for your brand:

Introduce Your Team: To Millennials, knowing who is behind your brand is just as important as knowing the brand itself. Millennials want to know who is behind the scenes making decisions on behalf of your company, so having a robust online presence will serve you well in connecting with your users. An interactive “About Us” page should have a personal feel, with dedicated bios, colorful photos, blurbs, and fun facts about your employees. The more interactive the better – for example, include employee social media handles for users to connect directly.



Personalize Rewards: Reward your users for engaging with your brand and personalize those rewards to fit their interests. Setting up a rewards program that gives users the chance to receive items that pique their interests is a great way to keep them coming back for more. If a particular user has been exceedingly active on your app or website, reward them with bonus points, items, or however else you quantify value. This will communicate to your millennial user that you’re not only invested in them, but you also care about them on a personal level.

Customer Service Standards: When setting out to educate Millennials on your brand, having a strong customer service team is imperative to overall brand satisfaction. While it may be time consuming, having a direct team member field and answer the customer service queries will set you apart from your competition as well as add a personalized touch. Not only will the user feel like their feedback matters, but it allows you as a business owner to modify and adjust your brand, website, products, etc., based on the feedback you receive. 

Listen to Your Users: As a business owner, you have a highly tailored focus group at your disposal – your users. If your brand is willing to listen, they can be one of the most vital components of your brand’s forward trajectory. Whether it be e-mail surveys, quizzes, social media forums, or any other outlet you choose to engage millennial users, be sure to listen to any and all feedback they might have for your brand. It can be very gratifying for a millennial to see a change implemented based on their recommendations, so listening to their suggestions will encourage them to remain active and invested with your brand. 

Educating millennial consumers on your brand is imperative to creating lasting relationships with them. Introducing the team behind your brand, rewarding your users in a personalized way, maintaining high customer service standards, and listening to your user’s feedback are all key ways to engage your millennial audience and keep them coming back for more.

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