Cable TV Attracts More OTT Viewers Than Satellite, Telcos

Some pay TV providers are better at attracting OTT subscribers than others. That includes Time Warner Cable, Cablevision systems and Cox Communications.

A study by Millward Brown Digital found these traditional cable operators performing better -- in general -- than satellite and telco operators.

At Time Warner Cable, 26% of its subscribers also subscribed to OTT services in the first quarter of this year. Cablevision and Cox each posted a 25% number.

On the opposite end,  16% of DirecTV's customers bought OTT services. AT&T is at 17%; and Dish Network, 19%. Sitting in between is Comcast and Verizon, each at 23%; CenturyLink is at 21%.

Overall, only 22% of customers who have pay TV packages from cable, satellite, or telco operators also buy OTT services. Of all OTT services, HBO Now/HBO Go has seen the biggest growth in the first and second quarters of this year versus that of Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.



HBO and Netflix get the best results from young TV consumers, with 54% and 51% of their customers Millennials. At both services, 34% of their customers are slightly older Gen-Xers, with the remaining customers baby boomers.

Millward Brown Digital's results came from a panel of more than two million in July and August, as well as data from the first quarter and the second quarter of this year.
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